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Server: play.nubellis.com

Subject: EULA of Minecraft 17-05-2016 || 22:28:32
Dear players,

Since the EULA of minecraft / mojang is changed we are in need of great changes.

The ranks we have now offer different extra's wich improve your gameplay. But since the new EULA we are not allowed to give each player different gameplay's. This means that all players will have the same advantages.

How ever we can still give you extra features such as /hat or /disguise or let you have a pet or shortly said: cosmetic features.

So we are going to change the ranks, and offcourse the prices for the ranks.

Subject: Server / Website Downtime 11-05-2016 || 23:35:44
Dear players,

Today we had some difficulties with our website and server.

All problems are solved now! So the website and server are running again.

Subject: New Website Online 14-04-2016 || 00:04:43
Dear visitor/gamer,

Today our new website got online and live! Also we did a lot of work on the server to make things better.

Please note that we are still developing some areas and make some areas better then they are at the moment.